Our company, since its foundation, has put its signature under important successes on the journey which we set off with the mission of developing the modern defence industry and making it sustainable, and conducts its operations in order to fulfil this mission.


Our company, which produces blockbuster, howitzer, tank and gun ammunition, supplementary parts of automatic gun and rifle, is the only company in terms of product range in Turkey and in the world. Our goal is to become a company which is worldwide well-known with its quality and production technologies and to contribute the global defence industry.


Our company has become an expert in the supplementary parts of ammunition group. At present, our company has a total production area of 4.500 m2 and 10.000 m2 open area. But we made an investment planning that will operate on an open area of 20.000 m2 and a closed area of 10.000 m2 for 2019-2020. Totally, 90 employees work within the scope of our company, but when we complete the investment plan, this number will increase over 140. Additionally, we continue to conduct our R&D activities and product development projects at our TechnoPark Office located at Kirikkale University.


Within this scope, as KARMETAL, we will maintain our new investments and to create added value for our country’s economy. As well as to grow in the domestic market, we plan to enhance our growth in the foreign market by increasing the export operations with the products we produce with the advanced technology. By developing our production line, we utilize the opportunities like international collaborations and put our plans into action with the vision of becoming a global player.


Our goal is to use this position to good account of our country in the best way as we move towards our goals stoutly and steadily. Within the frame of our values such as reliability, innovation, customer volume and collaboration with our suppliers, we will work as best as we can in order to make the best contribution to our colleagues, customers and country also in the future as in the past.


We, as KARMETAL, continue our feasibility studies about the investment of the autonomous, robotic and electronic systems in our short and medium term plans. Besides, we will proud of introducing the investment of new projects that will direct the Defence Industry in the near future.



Chairman of the Executive Board of KARMETAL A.Ş