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Founded in 1998, our company established its first manufacturing facility in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone (IOSB) in 2006, by transferring the knowledge, skills and experience it gained by manufacturing and supplying to the private sector and the public institutions in different sectors to the defense industry. Our company, which focuses on the manufacturing of heavy and light ammunition products for the defense industry with its hi-tech machinery, experienced manufacturing and quality control teams, specializes in the manufacturing of ammunitions complementary parts of aircrafts, tanks, cannons, mortars, and machine guns.

Our company continued its manufacturing adventure by establishing its second production facility in Kırıkkale Organized Industrial Zone (KOSB) in 2013 and by implementing its new manufacturing lines in Istanbul in 2018. On the other hand it also took its place in Kırıkkale University Technopark in order to develop its R&D activities.


Our company, which is currently the supplier of many companies and institutions at home and abroad, exports to sixteen different countries from three continents.

Our company is happy and proud to contribute to the development of the defense industry sector in our country with its strong R&D team, talented design staff and qualified collaborations with academic circles, and to lead in its field with the courage and vision to break new ground.

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